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Birthday Prayer . [To TOP]

Today when I greet the dawn the golden sun emerging from the cloud, radiates and beams auspicious orange, bright and powerful rays, wishing me happy (birth) day ,echoed by chirping of sweet ,innocent birds, nodded by green, fertile leaves, added by divine fragrance of flowers.
You make me complete my life journey of 69 years, me marching confidently and happily ahead with you in lead. You make better of me in these years make me see life in a different aspect.
I am moving ahead, fully aware that You are my guiding spirit and partner, taking me properly, giving me strength and health and not in need of anything.
You are making my life easier by timely help at the proper time.
Blessing me with loving caring and affectionate people, and positive ever flowing energy and elevating me to new spiritual height.
God bless me to have more of gentleness, kindness, wisdom, understanding, joy and inner peace. Thank you for all your continuous grace.

Hope, health and happiness . [To TOP]

Hope, health and happiness are mutually related.
According to dictionary hope is expectation, wish,belief, assurance, confidence, faith,trust, optimism..
But to me hope is combined effect of all.
Hope is not vaguely wishing something better in future.
It is confident and firm expectation of all promised Good things.
Hope is believing that God is blessing us now and continue to do so Looking for God in dark moments sustain hope.
God is our real and sure hope
Think hope, pray with hope, then we can feel the power of hope.

The Gift Of Today . [To TOP]

Date : 15- Dec -2019  

You present me today is a precious plates in the presence of golden Sun from the colour cloud “The Gift Of Today” 
The Tree nods through leaves and flowers and send soft fragrance. 
You give power to my eyes to see the world in a broad comprehensive, true and correct way.
You make me speak in a proper and pleasing manners. 
You make my mind calm and quiet, to think better, deep and contemplate.
You give strength to my hand to do purposeful and good work.
You guide me in every action.
You give gaol to my onward life joy 
You give life to my life
I am trying to understand you. 

You decided to make me happy . [To TOP]

Date : 01-Dec- 2019
Yes you decided to answer my prayer.
You decided to make me worry free person,
Talking away all my so called problems and replace it with faith.
You decided to make my life renewed with new energy, new Enthusiasm, new lookout and fresh thinking.
You decided to fill my mind with spiritual energy.
You decided to make me look life with different, proper and correct angel.
You decided to make me see you in every living being.
You decided that I deserve to be ----
Thank you God for your decision.

Smile . [To TOP]

Date : 26-Nov- 2019
I look at the mirror smiling happily and cheerfully at myself ,
The smile is refracted with the same intensity.
All of a sudden I felt it is God is me smiling. 
God of health smile at me blessing prime of health,
God of wealth smile at me offering me
World of wealth is abundance.
God of good faith smile at me renewing my faith.
God of fate smiles at me assuring me everything is fine and good.
God of life at me showering me freshness of life.
God of joy smiles at me, I feel fully blessed and feel joy and happiness to bliss.

Love you day, Love you life . [To TOP]

Date : 01-Nov- 2019
Today I got up early and I could greet the dawn and 
appeared from nowhere as bright and luminous body. Wonderful celestial phenomenon.
Sun is majestic, fresh energetic and powerful, 
Extending his hand ( as says) as warm and friendly gesture. 
With the Sun the day is born ,
I am watching the newborn day spreading and 
ask the day “What are you bringing ?” 
The day says “I am bringing New day“ 
I am bringing new hope, new thinking and bright future.

I am bringing renewed faith.
I am bringing new Friends and relations.
I am bringing different experience.
I am bringing good health and happiness.
I am bringing you “THE GIFT OF LIFE” 
Thank you Day!! 

Morning . [To TOP]

Date : 28 May 2020 
The sun with its warm, bright, and beautiful orange rays, 
Sweet birds with happy chirping
Majestic trees with gentle breeze through the leaves and sweet 
fragrance from the flowers try to wake me up stimulating all the five senses 
I decide to open my eyes. God inside me is telling me,
"l bless, sanction, approve and gift you happily cheque of Today. 
Use it purposely, constructively, usefully, properly ,efficiently and happily."
Beautiful, magnificent and grand sun smiling and splashing ìts healthy rays on me approves it
Trees with its green and fertile leaves thanking sun start their chlorophyll
production taking carbon dioxide and giving us life line of oxygen. 
Thank you trees, you are all divine beings. 
Birds by their chirping remind again and again about innocent happiness 
and regular healthy flow of life. Everything animate or inanimate have five six or seven senses have own rhythm of life. 
I ask God how to spend my day properly. God smiles and tells me 
I have given you mine of intelligence, excavate it to do this.
I send to find out what life is for. 
Thank you God

On thoughts and health . [To TOP]

Thinking is a continuous, lifelong, permanent and involuntary process.
Pranayamam controls the breath. Only by thinking we can control our thoughts. Emptying the mind of unhappy thoughts and Filling with new, happy healthy, creative thoughts then old fear, worries, not a good experience thoughts can not get in as the mind is occupied and these thoughts are stronger than old thoughts.
Body is casting millions of cells every second and creating millions of new cells. By positive, happier and harmonious thoughts a person can create healthy cells thereby healthier and happier body.
Believing in perfect health, peace and divine guidance and applying the power of prayer therapy we can conquer diseases.
Coming to thinking ,by thinking differently, we can change our mode,direction, intensity, effect and consequences of it.
We can slowly and surely graduate to directed thinking, calm, harmless, harmonious,pleasant, peace and finally to bliss.

Welcome Night . [To TOP]

Night is falling slowly, steadily and peacefully.
I decide to have relaxed and good sleep.
I instruct the birds to sleep calmly to wake me up in the morning with their sweet chirping.
I bid the cloud to move slowly to their destination to give way to golden sun in the morning ,to wave me with it's warm and healthy rays good morning.
I ask the wind to be soft, cool and gentle breeze singing melodious lullaby.
I am aware of my digestive organs working smoothly, slowly and efficiently, Heart beating rhythmically, Lungs inhaling oxygen nicely and hands and legs relaxing .
I request the mind to be still like trees of night, with God .
I present my (to)day to God for his blessings and grace and to renew it for a finer day.
Good Night for enthusiastic Good Morning!

Beautiful morning . [To TOP]

[18:12, 16/06/2020] 
Yes it is not just beautiful but very very beautiful. 
Everyday morning brings freshness ,novelty, new hope, new thinking, different outlook, happiness, joy of born again, positive, promising, reassuring hopeful future. 
Morning divine silence is enhanced by chirping of innocent birds, rustling sound of fluttering leaves, and occasional sound of bees and beetles.
Morning breeze in tune with tranquility, freshen the atmosphere softly with the sweet scent of flowers. 
Slowly all transform to very energetic, enthusiastic and lively atmosphere. 
Spending time in the morning and with nature is like enjoying the innocent pranks of children pleasant, relishing, and cherishable
Just a healthy breakfast for body (annamaya) pranamaya for breath (pranamaya) this morning routine is for manomaya.
Enjoying early morning as much as possible make day journey smooth, light,relaxing easy and enjoyable. 
Don't miss this part of the day routine.

Money and wealth . [To TOP]

[20:16, 22/06/2020] 
Money is cash, currency or finance. It is a part of wealth. 
Wealth is a mentally rich feeling.
It makes the person feel abundant, prosperous, well to do feeling, confident, and radiate feelings of happiness and inner joy. 
Having money is different but using it wisely, properly,constructively and judiciously for self and others is an art. 
Giving is a powerful action. It is not sacrificing. 
Giving from full heart is a joyous feeling of having plenty and more than enough to share and automatically more money will flow in.
In tamil wealth is called "selvam "
16 வகை செல்வங்கள்: கல்வி, அறிவு, ஆயுள், ஆற்றல், இளமை, துணிவு, பெருமை, பொன், பொருள், புகழ், நிலம், நன்மக்கள், நம்பிக்கை, நோயின்மை, முயற்சி, வெற்றி ஆகியவை
Another list:
1.உடலில் நோயின்மை, 2.நல்ல கல்வி, 3.தீதற்ற செல்வம், 4.நிறைந்த தானியம், 5.ஒப்பற்ற அழகு, 6.அழியாப் புகழ், 7.சிறந்த பெருமை, 8.சீரான இளமை, 9.நுண்ணிய அறிவு, 10.குழந்தைச் செல்வம், 11.நல்ல வலிமை, 12.மனத்தில் துணிவு, 13.நீண்ட வாழ்நாள்(ஆயுள்), 14.எடுத்தக் காரியத்தில் வெற்றி, 15.நல்ல ஊழ்(விதி), 16.இன்ப நுகர்ச்சி.
செல்வம் முறையே: மனை, மனைவி, மக்கள், தாய், நெல், நீர், நிலம், கால்நடை, கல்வி, கேள்வி, அறிவு, ஒழுக்கம், வலிமை, பொன், பொருள், போகம் மழலைச் செல்வங்கள்
1 Adi/Maha Lakshmi - absolute silence, bliss and peace
2 Dhana Lakshmi - gold, silver, valuables or paper money
3 Dhanya Lakshmi - agricultural wealth or food
4 Gaja Lakshmi - royalty, job, position, land?
5 Santana Lakshmi - offspring, children
6 Veera/Dhairya Lakshmi - courage, strength (physical and mental)
7 Jaya/Vijaya Lakshmi - victory, success
8 Vidya Lakshmi - knowledge of arts and sciences

Later 4 additions
9 Aishwarya Lakshmi - property, land?
10 Saubhagya Lakshmi - Giver of prosperity or abundance
11 Rajya Lakshmi - who blesses rulers (with power)
12 Vara Lakshmi - grants wishes, bestows boons

Having earned money in a proper way with the wishes and blessings of others it is proud selvam 
Having children born healthy and growing physically, mentally, and emotionally well and loving everyone including self and gaining good will of all it is makkah selvam (நன்மக்கள் செல்வம்)
Inheriting healthy mind and body is paramparai selvam 
(Mens sana in corpore sano is a Latin phrase, meaning "a healthy mind in a healthy body")
Loving everyone genuinely and unconditionally, being a comfortable person so that there is no strain in being with the person, natural and humble it is anbuselvam
Which is permanent and undiminishing is arul selvam. 
When there is inner joy and innerpeace then we can radiate wealth of happiness and love and joy. 
Have abundance of all good things.

worship [To TOP]

When  there is  a calamity there is a marvelous  mechanism preparing to conquer it 
If we do not  react positively the same  chemicals instead,  cause  indigestion,  headaches, etc.

People  worshipped infinite energy (God) in all  natural resources like  river or mountain  ,  sun,fire, air, ether. 
Later  they want  defined, definite, distinct,  different concrete  forms. 
God  blesses  few chosen  with  poetic  power and vivid  knowledge. 
The result is  immortal, great   epics personifying kalyana,celebrate  qualities of all powerful  energy.

virus dream . [To TOP]

A: yesterday in the market one person came very near me l could feel his breathing as he was not
wearing mask. I was very much frightened 

B: Then what did?

A: Immediately I got up. It is a dream. But still I am worried as nobody knows about this virus. 
They should not say you should not even dream of these things

seed of bhakti . [To TOP]

Plant the seed of bhakti in my mind 
Let it grow by faith in God ,love, care, affection, empathy, harmony, and peace as kalpavruksha and 
shower happiness to everyone

Today . [To TOP]

By the blessings of God 's "today " to me I wake up happily, full of healthy body and mind. 
I wish God also gives me instructions of how to use it purposely, properly,fully and perfectly .
I wish all the people who are not able to think about it either because of physical, mental or emotional conditions or too busy to think of today's activities. 
It is raining heavily and who are all in rain it gives a very clean and fresh healthy bath. Roads are clean and trees are looking fresh with green shining leaves, flowers looking like polished to beauty.
Rains always good ,but good enough for agriculture, good enough for needs and savings, good enough for trees to grow vertically and not to fall horizontally like rakshash of piranhas.
Rains are delight to enjoy like soft music, soft breeze, soft talk and soft smile. 
But when it becomes torrential thunder like bombs and lightning like million watts we can see through glass doors of course if it is not strong enough to break 
Rains come again enough for needs and enough to watch and enjoy.

Varalakshmi puja . [To TOP]

Today people celebrate Varalakshmi puja.
I remember our Patti used to tell, wake up before sunrise, clean the house, have bath, smile,
 lakshmi is there. 
I imagine along with the earth (boo devi) Sri devi is also accompanying as sweet fragrant breeze, warm and bright sunshine giving health and happiness, to everyone, continuously and undiminishingly.
Oceans are lakshmi (lakshmi comes from ocean along with white elephant Iravatham, white horse, above all Amrutha kalasam and Dhanvandri doctor)
Clouds are lakshmi with out it we can not have rains water of life. 
Rivers are lakshmi. We worship them as devis and do pujas.
Lakshmi is everything .we call Lokamata.
Lakshmi is wealth, vidya, vinaya, dhanya, happiness,.
Lakshmi is sowbhagyam. 
A person can be happy only when physically, mentally, emotionally healthy. 
Lakshmi showers everything to everyone.

Day started . [To TOP]

Day started. We have to start our day 
Sun is rising and showering warm and light. 
We have to  enjoy the sun shine by opening the windows
Some go to  field for farming 
Some  make  solar power for all needs 
Some use it for drying and  making  food items for  long time  duration. 
Sunflower blossoms on seeing the first day of Sun
Leaves  use it  for  preparing  chlorophyll 
Some  close the doors  tightly to start  air conditioners.  
Sun is  for all uniformly shining. 
Yes  God is for all
God is  beautiful. We  bring our beauty  outside by our positivity  
God is happiness. We create  it in our  mind 
God is  hope. We believe and trust. 
God is  love. We love everything 
God is  kindness. We care others 
God is full of blessings. We understand it 
Gods goodness and mercy follow us all days of  our life, day by day, hour by hour, moment  by moment.

Wisdom Lines . [To TOP]

குடிசையிலும் கோடி இன்பம் காணலாம் 
உண்மையாக உழைத்த ஊதியத்தில் 
உற்றார் மற்றவருடன் பகிர்ந்து 
உற்சாகமாக உண்ணும் உணவே அமுதாகும்

இனிதாகப் பேசி இதமாக நடந்து இன்புற்று எல்லாரும் இருக்க வேண்டி 
இயக்கமெல்லாம் இறைவனே என்ற பின் இல்லமே இனிதான கோவிலாகும் 

நல்லவற்றையே அறிந்து தெளிந்து 
நற்பொருள் உணர்ந்த சான்றோரை நாடும் பொழுது 
நம் வாழ்க்கை நல்லதொரு பயணமாகும்

பார்க்கும் பொருளெல்லாம் பரமன் என்று உணர்ந்த பின் 
பாரினில் நம் பயணம் பண்பட்டு பயனடைந்ததே பராபரமே 

Better Day . [To TOP]

Better  Day 
Today is  definitely a better day 
Our  age is  added by a day
Our good  memories are added by a day 
Our  happiness is added by a day 
Good  people are added in our  list either by  reading about them or  meeting 
Our  efficiency is  increased
Our  knowledge of the world is increased 
Our  relationship with  people  are better and dearer 
We tend to be more calm 
Our  thinking are matured  by a day 
We try to modify our thinking 
We try to  see the  world  in a different and better  way 
We  try to outgrow of our  limitations of place,people, mind and  body  
Today is definitely a  better  day
Tomorrow will be a great day from today which will be yesterday on tomorrow.
This will go on repeating, Our Prayers.

Message from Sun . [To TOP]

Today when the sun comes out of horizon new, fresh, 
luminous and gorgeous 
I say "suprapadam"
Acknowledging  warmly,sun addressed me
Your  day started. 
Now  dissolve your old,unhappy, unhealthy, unpleasant, unnecessary worries, fears, stress, anxieties in the darkness of night  behind you and come  clean, light and bright. 
Take with you only
Good and happy memories which are taking you  forward confidently and enthusiastically 
Happy ,healthy and honest relations
Knowledge acquired all these years which is taking you  forward next  level 
Skills  learned 
Efficiency  developed 
Calm and quiet mind 
Healthy ,confident and worry free  thoughts 
Faith in your self and doubt free hope in future 
Complete  surrender to infinite  power 
The  infinite  power  and energy shower you  divine  spiritual  energy  continuously and undiminishingly and guide you in every  step 
Telling this  the sun  moved  up

Jokes . [To TOP]

One student ; l miss all the fun of exams 
Second; Do you enjoy the exams 
First; Everyone is passing the exam without writing 
Second; so?
First; Usually I make lot of strategies for copying and thrill to see the result.
But now everything is gone and I am passing So boring
In a regional medium school teacher asked the students to tell some words in English. Normally quite students, everybody shouted 
Social distancing, 
Health workers 
Teacher told ok then asked to name any city all curiously shouted 
Such a powerful media now.
Mr A ; You are very happy today. You are always melancholic and complaining about one thing or another. 
MrB; yes I always complain about not having this or that. But today my test shows l don't have coronavirus .
Mr A;That old movie won't be released now because of censorship 
MrB; is it too violent or indecent?what is that movie?
MrA; Munnabai MBBS.
MrB; why? 
MrA; The hero is telling by hugging your can cure the patient.
The lady asks her five years old son to get ready as van will come anytime. 
Her friend asks her where is he going as it is vacation time. 
First; He is going to family business 
Second; what,?
First; yes, my father in law started a mega serial thirty years back with his friends and family as life in a building 
My husband and other as kids. Now they are second generation and our children are third generation and going.
See when we want to out of India or domestic our episode are accordingly scripted and enjoy with money 
It is a very flourishing business 
All of us have lot of money, bungalows etc.
Mrs A; During quarantine times my son finished three job oriented online courses 
Mrs B ; l told my son no courses. 
I ask him to learn all old and new cinema songs so that he can participate in all TV reality programs.
He can think of earning fast money. 
He is happily and sincerely practicing and 
he is getting calls and for one singing one song he got good money
First woman; Today I am cleaning my kitchen 
I have to arrange the camera and lighting and sound system properly 
Second woman; why these arrangements for cleaning 
First woman; To download in U tube 
Second ; If any mistake comes?
First; Then caption is " mistakes to avoid when cleaning "
Five years old boy and his mother were planting. 
Mother first started planting then the child put the second sapling then mother asked the child to keep distance 
The child immediately told amma here also we have to keep social distance
One lady( in order to tease the other as she is looking plain )
you look 80 years old 
Second one; I will be 80 in ten years .I thank you for your good wishes for my long life.
An interview with a big actor and asked the person 
Which role he found easy and which was tough?
He answered that tough role was he had to act like an normal ordinary person. 
The easy one where he had to act like a person who talk anything not sensible and he could do it naturally

Wife;  l think    everything  is properly  arranged  for  the  marriage 
Husband; yes yes.
At the  entrance  instead  of  panner splashing  sanitizer sprays and 
for  sugar different  colors of  masks are kept.
Also gloves for ashirvadam 
sastrigal will sit six feet  away so also everybody including  boy and girl
Mostly  we can give  packed food 
Gifts  are  online 

Covid negative test report for guests to be submitted at enterance and their temperature check. 
Masks compulsory otherwise no entry🙂

A: Previously  I used to  forget my purse  but not mobile 
And  now I am forgetting  mobile, purse and sometimes  where to go  also but not MASK
A; My  wife  is  so much interested in  making  bags out of  recycling  jeans 
B; it is  a  good  hobby as well as making  something  out of  waste 
A; But  yesterday  she made  bag out of  my all most new Jean  pant

 A ; Govt will not  any work  properly 
B; what  happened 
A; Govt only tested  122 crores 60 lakh   Why they left the remaining?
B; Already  they are  positive  cases
A; you  used  to say I always talk negative and gloomy Now  I am  happy  because  I am  covid negative

A journalist  was interviewing  a  senior  artist  asked  the thrilling  experience  
The actor  told  really  thrilling  feeling  when the  payment  cheque  given by the  producer is credited  in my account
Without  bouncing
A; Life is  very  difficult 
B: why ,at least  on line  classes started 
A: that  is  the  problem. 
My mother  finishes  all  her work and sits with me  during the  session  so that  I attend  properly. Even LKG time nobody  sat with us
A to  B: Previously   tatas(grand  parents)of 90s talks are anayasena maranam  post dakshinayane ( utharayana)
Now the  same thing  but post carona
My friends mother always  used to tell that  though she wants to give  coffee  there is no milk 
Now  whenever we don't  want to  go  anybody's  house we can  always  say  that l want to  come and see  you  but  because of  lockdown  I can not  come
A child shouted to  his  father: papa ,your  friend  uncle came without  dressing  properly 
Father: what?
Child; He  came  without  MASK. Shame,!
A to  B: Previously   tatas(grand  parents)of 90s talks are anayasena maranam  post dakshinayane ( utharayana)
Now the  same thing  but post carona
My friends mother a........................ways  used to tell that  though she wants to give  coffee  there is no milk 
Now  whenever we don't  want to  go  anybody's  house we can  always  say  that l want to  come and see  you  but  because of  lockdown  I can not  come
A; Life is  very  difficult 
B: why ,at least  on line  classes started 
A: that  is  the  problem. 
My mother  finishes  all  her work and sits with me  during the  session  so that  I attend  properly. Even LKG time nobody  sat with us
A said to  B ' As my wants  my daughters  marriage  to be  conducted  now  itself  She  felt  that  now  we can make it a simple  affair  and  nobody  will  comment  also
Mr B ' good  suggestion '
What is the boys  side reaction?
A " They  have  only  one  condition. They want diamond  studded  heavy  golden  mask  for  both  boy and girl.

Thanks for Reading - Writer Anandi ... [To TOP]