Nara's Biography

Fourth among five children, hailing from a middle class family in Trichy. Father was a school teacher. Simple but high quality life.
family photo

Front view of House (front door closed)↴
House trichy

Places lived/connected

New Zealand's first Governor, William Hobson, established Auckland as the colony's capital in 1841 on land offered by Ngāti Whātua. Named after Lord Auckland, Governor-General of India between 1836 and 1842.
New Zealand comes from the Dutch 'Nieuw Zeeland', the name first given to us by a Dutch mapmaker. New Zealand was named after Zeeland by Dutch explorer Abel Tasman. New Zealand was first spotted on December 13, 1642 by Dutch navigator Abel Tasman and explored by Captain James Cook in 1769. Aotearoa (Land of the long white cloud) is the Maori name for New Zealand, though it may have been used for the North Island only. North Island was Te Ika a Maui – the fish of Maui. Polynesias arrived around 1200-1300 AD. Speculative theories of previous Moriori people, southeast Asias, South American, and Phoenician/Celtic etc before Maoris.
A 14th century Sumatran prince Sang Nila Utama spotted a beast upon landing on the island (Temasek) after a thunderstorm. The name Singapore comes from the Malay words Singa for lion or beast and Pura for city. Sir Stamford Raffles set up a British trading town in 1819, modern Singapore.
Bangalore evolved over time from benda-kaal-uru (literally, "town of boiled beans"). Bengaluru got its name after an old woman served cooked pulses to a lost and hungry Hoysala king.
The name Madras was Derived from Madrasan a fisherman head who lived in coastal area of Madras. Chennai or Chennapatnam named by Damarla Venkatadri Nayaka in honour in honour of his father, Damarla Chennappa Nayakudu.
Tiruchirappalli derives its name from the three-headed demon Trishira, who meditated on the Hindu god Shiva near the present-day city to obtain favours from the god. Tiruchirappalli also means "town of the respected Chira (name of a Jain or ajvika monk)".

Career Education

1) 17 years of school/college study
2) 33.5 years of career /service with out any break (14 years with 40% free time for self research etc)
3) Currently 10.5 years of 15% part time service

Primary Schooling

Most simple school and best teacher, self proclaimed "Velan - Muruga", taught lot of Hindu devotional songs, slokas, stories. Rich konwledge of Hindu/Indian culture. But near zero instruction on English, science or other subjects
Front view of Primary school taken after 30 years
primary school trichy


Moved from thatched roof school to school with proper building. Small group of friends and nothing great. Learnt a lot on history, religion and languages. Protected environment and sort of weakling. Not much of physical activities. Above average in studies and managed to get over 87% in SSLC and national Merit scholarship for higher studies..
SSLC Class friends - 1971↴

Front view of school/college building↴

IIT - Chennai 1972 -77


Campus & Hostel↴

1977 B.Tech batch after 25 years in 2002↴

Working at Bangalore

Factory visit after leaving Larsen and Toubro↴

Venture Outside India Program

National University of Singapore


Nice swimming facilities at NUS↴

International Refugee

Singapore National Computer Board

After looking for promised land, Joined National Computer Board from 1987 to 1996. Lot of things learnt. Temporarily permanent life, with a decent income, house and so on. Two boys in local school and they had opportunity to study mother tongue Tamil language and learn music.
At office just after joining↴

Sailing at high seas↴

Director cum actor at cultural show↴

At national day parade↴


New Phase in life↴

Young Kids↴

Group act↴

Musical Performance↴

Ritual at Ganges river at Kasi↴

Amma at Ganges river at Kasi↴

Amma & geeta at Ganges river at Kasi↴

At Gaya for enlightenment↴

Service with Japanese

From 1996 till 2010, I was working as an external Consultant for Japanese organization, CICC/JETRO at Singapore, on Open Source, IT infrastructural projects and APEC Science & Technology database.
Project at Japan↴

APEC Vegetarian team↴

Climbing Mt.Fuji↴

At last at top of Mt.Fuji↴

Open Source program bridging Digital Divide

Opportunity to work with and help many developing countries on human resources development and setting up technology resource centres. Good Teach and Learn opportunities. Students are best teachers.
AOSS event at Lanka↴

AOSS event at Nepal↴

AOSS management team at Singapore↴

My Journey so far in brief:
(1) Trichy Josephs (65-72), IIT Madras(72-77), L&T Bangalore(77-85).
(2) Singapore University(85-87), Singapore Govt R&D (87-96) Japanese ThinkTank (96-2010)
(3) Now in Auckland New Zealand as citizen researcher/scientist, since 2010

More to come