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Few Lines by Nara

What is GOD doing?..[To TOP]

Giving meals, if you grow food
Giving shelter, if you build home
Giving minerals, if you mine
Giving products, if you manufacture
Giving knowledge, if you observe
Giving answers, if you question with open mind
Giving happiness, if you make others happy
Giving peace, if you meditate (or remain calm)
Giving joy, if you sing GOD’s glory
Tolerating, if you abuse
Disappearing, if you do not believe
Doing duty, expecting nothing in return.

Can GOD do anything better?

*Answer to small boy who asked me what does GOD do?

Butterfly..[To TOP]

Humans are like butterflies
Have to grow in stages to fly

Beauty lies in every color
Ready for changes in every stage

Has to break its own cocoon to fly
Let us fly like butterfly

Spread joy and happiness around
Then you can see beauty all around

1) Butterfly comes in many colors, showing diversity is beauty. No color is superior or inferior.

2) Butterflies go through a life cycle that involves several stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. 
One has to advance in steps. Need patience and perseverance 
(Persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success).

3) It changes his state at each stage, with out carrying old baggage with it.
Butterfly digests itself to create entirely new being of itself.
It comes out in the end beautiful, active and cheerful. 
Leave past and march towards future.
Butterfly does it with single-mindedness, with out loosing focus. 
Live in present. Past is just a dream, you can not go back
Future will be beautiful, to look forward to!

4) It has to break its own cocoon, for its wings to exercise and gain strength. 
IF you break its cocoon, it will not get strength to fly (even survive). 
You have to learn to come up with your hard work.

5) Takes rest in earlier stages when it has to, and flies when ready. 
Wait for opportunity and prove your best and make every one happy around you.

Human nature..[To TOP]

Mankind creates both the good and the evil.
There are good or bad people every where.
Same person can be good to some and bad to some.

Countries and Borders are man-made.
Every one is just trying to survive. 
Be strong to make peace, not war.
People are people, whatever be race or faith.
Every one is unique in world's jig saw puzzle
Each piece matters for jig saw puzzle to be complete

We are here for a very short time.
Let us be the good in the world to keep the balance.
Let us make it better for everyone including us.

Love [To TOP]

Love has no language
Because Love does not need a language
Love may be invisible
Because Love is in your soul

Love can not be described.
Because Love has no shape or form.
Love is always blind
Because Love does not discriminate

Love is all around us.
But Love is missed by some
Love cannot be seen
But love is everywhere.

Love does not occupy space
But Love is the greatest power.
Love does not decrease when shared.
But Love increases when shared

Bilateral love/relationship is bliss
Unilateral love/relationship is mess
Love/relationship with only expectation is business
Love/relationship with empathy or conviviality is friendship

Phoenix Bird [To TOP]

There was once a Phoenix bird
Hovering up in the sky
Noticing no one near
Nice to watch it above

Phoenix finally screams
Comes down with thunderous sound 
All I see is flames! 
Sad and I close my eyes for a moment

From Heaps of ashes 
Seeing the bird rise again.
Flying higher than before 
Teaching Never to loose hope

Everything is eternal
End is nothing but start for next
Move on as nothing stops
Have to go on for ever

A phoenix is a mythological bird that regenerates or arise from the ashes of its predecessor. 

August Peace Week [To TOP]

Saw the mighty firebird above
All fall to the ground before
Shadows dwell wherever
Thought nothing lasts forever

War is over. Who has own?
Does not matter. What left matters.
Clearing heaps of ashes around
Sowing lots of hopes around

Immortality may be a fantasy
But Phoenix exists inside us
Bringing an end to last scene
Ready for the next scene of the play.

A phoenix is a mythological bird that regenerates or arise from the ashes of its predecessor.

Kindness and Compassion [To TOP]

Kindness and Compassion are twins
Needs two to make a sibling
Smiling face puts out burning anger
Honesty replies misunderstanding
Soft hug can massage paining body
A thoughtful word will answer a book of problems
No one's heart is an island
Let us sow courtesy all around

Mother land..[To TOP]

I live in faraway land 
longing for mother land

Loved her like anything else
nothing more than that

I praise and and adore her
when there is time to spare

I wish I could have remained
adding one to long wish list

Wounded swan..[To TOP]

Siddhartha, saw a wounded swan
Blood dripped from the wound
Dressed and took care of it
That is Siddhartha's Compassion

Cousin, came and claimed the swan
Because he shot the swan.
Siddhartha will not give it
as it belongs to the saver

Siddhartha released the bird,
When it was fully cured
He tried to save all suffering mass
Eventually became a buddha

*Buddha is a title and anyone can become buddha by good deeds

True Teacher..[To TOP]

Gautama Buddha, saw a limping lamb
Taken for the sacrifice
Took the lamb to nurse and care
Stop, Objected the great priest

Leave the lamb for the sacrifice.
Straight it can go to heaven
But lamb wants to live, said Buddha
Went to King to settle the matter

Discussed the purpose of sacrifice
Priest wanted to go to heaven 
Let Priest be sacrificed
Let us send him to heaven, said Buddha

Priest begged for his life
Sacrifice ignorance to flames
See the Heaven in compassion
Golden words from the true Teacher

Wanderer..[To TOP]

I am a wanderer, looking Aimless 
Just Looking at my next step
Enjoying everything around
Adding friends along the way
I can never be late or early
I can never get lost
Will not be there, when I reach my destination
Why bother about destination!

*Saw a movie on artist exploring Inca culture. 
Explorers are wanderers

Some thoughts in words

Life long learning..[To TOP]

What I am doing?

Enjoying learning as a student of Tamil literature, ancient scriptures; maths & astronomy; physics; philosophy; history & culture and so on. Like a school student, studying many subjects one likes.

1) Student life with out exams is THE BEST.
2) One can choose teachers (Best freedom possible).
3) You can learn things at your own phase.
4) No scores, grades, marks. You compete with your self
5) Best mental exercise for seniors (for memory also)

தொட்டனைத் தூறு மணற்கேணி மாந்தர்க்குக் | கற்றனைத் தூறும் அறிவு - Kural 396
Knowledge will increase as you continue to read, like water from springs will increase as you dig more. (Knowledge mining)

More you seem to know, you realize that you need to know lot more. Life Long journey, with moving target/destination.

Popular speaker..[To TOP]

What is said is not important. Who said is important!

What is said is not important. What is heard is important! What is understood is more important!.

Popular people say what every one knows. Learned say what is not known, which does not interest many people.

Justice seems to have been done. That is more than enough.

Justice must not only be done, but must also be seen to be done”. This dictum was laid down by Lord Hewart, the then Lord Chief Justice of England in the case of Rex v. Sussex Justices, [1924]

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