Brief on Akshaiy Narayanan!!


SAM Consultant, SAM Computer Systems Ltd., Auckland.

Work Experience

  1. Worked as IT support staff, for healthAlliance NZ, Auckland.
  2. Sales Consultant at Brand Developers Limited, Jan 2017 - Jan 2019
  3. IT and Administration trainee, Simx Limited, July 2016 November 2016
  4. Kumon Instructor, Private Tutor, and Indian Bamboo flute Teacher during 2014 - 2016
  5. Volunteering IT Staff for ACC Team, Auckland District Health Board, during 2012-2013


  1. Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Auckland, November 2015.
  2. NZQA Level 5 Diploma in International Business from Auckland Institute of Studies, August 2015
  3. Certificate in Management by New Zealand Institute of Management (NZIM) from from Open Polytechnic, April 2014
  4. Certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), April 2013

Academic/Technical Skills

  1. Programming skills: C, C++, Core Java, C-sharp, Python, HTML, Latex
  2. OS Environments: Windows 2000/XP/10, Unix
  3. Database: MS SQL , MS Access
  4. Tools: Visual studio , Eclipse IDE
  5. Framework: Dot Net

Extra-Curricular Activities

  1. President of the Maths Club in University of Auckland for one year, organizing and leading events and activities.
  2. Treasurer of Maths club in the university responsible for tabulating financial statements and handling funds
  3. Indian cultural group leader and class chairperson at High School
  4. Volunteered for fund raising for National Kidney Foundation and Red Cross, cleaning and planting for Greenpeace and aid at Old folk's home and Salvation Army
  5. Stage performer in Western and Indian classical music (flute and vocal) and English and Tamil plays, speech and debating competitions, sports and games team player
  6. Librarian and did shelving, covering and issuing

Personal Details

  1. Citizen of New Zealand and Overseas Citizen of India.
  2. Personal Interests: Indian and Western Classical flautist and singer. Regular performer
  3. Hobbies include sports mainly badminton, cricket and soccer, Games mainly chess, Travelling


  1. Scholarship badge for excellence in academics in 2005 at Delhi Public International School, Singapore.
  2. Three Certificates of Outstanding Academic Achievement for scoring A grades in Compsci111(An Introduction to Practical Computing), Compsci314(Modern Data Communications) and Compsci373(Computer Graphics and Image Processing) from the University of Auckland.

BSc Degree major Computer Science Courses

  1. Principles of Programming
  2. Principles of Computer Science
  3. Mastering Cyberspace
  4. Computer Systems 1
  5. Computer Systems 2
  6. Algorithms and Data Structures
  7. Discrete Structures in Maths
  8. Software Construction
  9. Modern Data Communications
  10. Distributed Objects, Services & Programming
  11. Fundamentals of Database Systems
  12. Computer Graphics & Image Processing

Programs videos

(1) Pasumaiyai Nokki

(2) Seerum Varai Payndhal